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    Torvergata, ROMA
    Via M. Pandolfi De Rinaldis 14/16
    Roma Tor Vergata - 00173 (RM)
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    Fiumicino, ROMA
    Via G. Montanari presso Market Da Vinci
    Fiumicino - 00054 (RM)
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    Via dei Pescatori, 7
    Castel Gandolfo - 00040 (RM)
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    Casal Del Marmo, ROMA
    Via Arola, 55
    Roma - 00166 (RM)
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    Laurentina, ROMA
    Via Laurentina 865
    ROMA Laurentina - 00143 (RM)
  • marker-partner
    Watersports Center Roma
    Lungomare Amerigo Vespucci, 180
    Lido di Ostia - 00122 (RM)
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    Roma Ostiense
    1492 via 12 Ottobre
    ROMA - 00154 (RM)
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    Ostia Lido
    Via delle Gondole,30
    Lido di Ostia - 00121 (RO)
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    Bufalotta, ROMA
    Via Alberto Lionello 201
    Roma - Bufalotta - 00139 (RM)
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    Roma Appio, ROMA
    Via Appia Nuova 450-, Metro Furio Camillo
    Roma - 00181 (RM)


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Rent Kayak

If you enjoy exploring lakes or the sea with friends, why not rent an inflatable canoe? Whether its Lake Garda or Como, or a sunny beach in Italy, reserve your equipment for rental from €24 a day on this website, then collect them from one of our Decathlon stores or rental partners. One of the main advantages of an inflatable kayak is that it’s compact. When deflated, it goes back into its rucksack and takes up very little space. This inflatable touring canoe for beginners or experts is perfect to take on a family holiday. Just slip it into the boot of your car and use your luggage rack for something else. The comfort and stability of this model is ideal for short trips in calm waters. Once inflated, the canoe is almost as rigid as a traditional kayak, but also more stable thanks to its lateral air chambers.