Rental Bikes Roma

Roma Ostiense ( 2.5 Km )

1492 via 12 Ottobre

ROMA - 00154 (RM)

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Roma Ottaviano, ROMA ( 2.6 Km )

Via Ottaviano 45

Roma - 00192 (RM)

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Roma Ottaviano ( 2.6 Km )

48/52 Via Ottaviano.

Roma - 00192 (RM)

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Roma Appio, ROMA ( 3.9 Km )

Via Appia Nuova 450-, Metro Furio Camillo

Roma - 00181 (RM)

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Collatina, ROMA ( 7.1 Km )

Viale Giovanni Battista Valente, 190

Roma - 00155 (RM)

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Casal Del Marmo, ROMA ( 9.4 Km )

Via Arola, 55

Roma - 00166 (RM)

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Laurentina, ROMA ( 9.5 Km )

Via Laurentina 865

ROMA Laurentina - 00143 (RM)

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Bufalotta, ROMA ( 9.9 Km )

Via Alberto Lionello 201

Roma - Bufalotta - 00139 (RM)

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Settecamini, ROMA ( 12.6 Km )

Via Di Salone 256

Roma Settecamini - 00131 (RM)

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Torvergata, ROMA ( 12.9 Km )

Via M. Pandolfi De Rinaldis 14/16

Roma Tor Vergata - 00173 (RM)

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Fiumicino, ROMA ( 24.2 Km )

Via G. Montanari presso Market Da Vinci

Fiumicino - 00054 (RM)

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Ostia Lido ( 24.2 Km )

Via delle Gondole,30

Lido di Ostia - 00121 (RO)

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Rent Bikes

If you want to cycle round a city as a tourist, rent your adult or child’s bike at one of our Decathlon stores or from our hire partners. For kids, you’ll find bikes of sizes 20 and 24 inches, or for younger ones, a child seat to mount on your bike. Our rental service is available in almost all of Italy. Whether you’re in Rome, Naples or Milan, you can book your bike directly through this site. If you want to explore nature, we also offer rental on mountain bikes, with either front and full suspension, as well as e-Mountainbikes! Every electric model is equipped with a drive motor at the back or in the central mechanism. The battery life is enough for a number of hours of fun and it will let you fully enjoy your adventures making it an unforgettable experience. Give the exhilaration of road cycling a go on our aluminium-framed racing bikes. They are light weight (about 10 kg) and their frames look like competition bikes. Rental can be for one or more days, starting at €12 per day for city bikes.