noleggio SUP (Stand Up Paddle) Sassari

Sassari ( 3.2 Km )

Via Predda Niedda angolo via Caniga 1

Sassari - 07100 (SS)

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Snorkeling Academy ( 17.8 Km )

Balai, 07046 Porto Torres SS, Italia

Porto Torres - 07046 (SS)

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Noleggia SUP (Stand Up Paddle)

Standup paddleboarding (SUP) is a sport that was invented in Hawaii. All that’s needed is an inflatable or rigid board, and a paddle to enjoy finding your physical and mental equilibrium as you glide through the water, whatever your level of skill. Here you can find all the essentials for this new relaxing sport: inflatable boards, paddles, pumps and buoyancy aids.

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