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Padel is a fun game that can be played at any age. Ideal for all sports enthusiasts, it’s great, low-impact way to stay fit. Padel courts can be either indoors or outdoors. The rules are basically the same as in tennis. Holes in the padel racquet make it lighter, but normal tennis balls are used. The racquet head is made from solid fibreglass or carbon. Carbon is light but very strong, enabling harder impact and providing more power. In this section you’ll find padel racquets for beginners and experienced players.

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Rent Padel Racquets on Decathlon

Never tried padel? Rent the Kiukma model in our shops, from €3 a day. A padel racquet should be chosen according to the player’s skill level, whether you’re a beginner or an expert. The shape and composition of the racquet’s symmetrical faces determine how it behaves during shots The smoothness or roughness of the surface will produce different effects on the ball. Padel racquets are usually made of fibreglass or carbon fibre.