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    Settecamini, ROMA
    Via Di Salone 256
    Roma Settecamini - 00131 (RM)
  • marker-decathlon
    Collatina, ROMA
    Viale Giovanni Battista Valente, 190
    Roma - 00155 (RM)
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    Torvergata, ROMA
    Via M. Pandolfi De Rinaldis 14/16
    Roma Tor Vergata - 00173 (RM)
  • marker-decathlon
    Fiumicino, ROMA
    Via G. Montanari presso Market Da Vinci
    Fiumicino - 00054 (RM)
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    Casal Del Marmo, ROMA
    Via Arola, 55
    Roma - 00166 (RM)
  • marker-decathlon
    Laurentina, ROMA
    Via Laurentina 865
    ROMA Laurentina - 00143 (RM)
  • marker-decathlon
    Roma Ostiense
    1492 via 12 Ottobre
    ROMA - 00154 (RM)
  • marker-decathlon
    Ostia Lido
    Via delle Gondole,30
    Lido di Ostia - 00121 (RO)
  • marker-decathlon
    Bufalotta, ROMA
    Via Alberto Lionello 201
    Roma - Bufalotta - 00139 (RM)
  • marker-decathlon
    Roma Appio, ROMA
    Via Appia Nuova 450-, Metro Furio Camillo
    Roma - 00181 (RM)


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Rent Snowshoes

If you love trekking even in the winter when the mountains are covered in snow, it’s really important to have the right gear. Discover how to rent your adult-size snow shoes from us. Daily hire starts from €6 and hiking poles cost just €1. Snow shoes, also known as snow rackets, are used to avoid sinking into the snow and they also provide improved grip and prevent slipping. Snow shoes are made up of a frame, which ensures balance on the fresh snow, a binding for your boots, which tilts, and spikes on the bottom to get a good grip on the snow. The binding that connects the boot to the snow shoe is always adjustable and is suitable for a variety of shoe sizes. Before you buy a pair of snow shoes, make sure they are compatible with your shoe size.