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    Pircher Sport
    Alpe Palù, 23023 Chiesa in Valmalenco SO, Italy
    Chiesa in Valmalenco - 23023 (SO)
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    Ski Service Flavio
    Via Forni, 12
    S.Caterina Valfurva - 23030 (SO)
  • marker-partner
    Sport Chalet
    Localita Bormio 2000, 1
    Valdisotto - 23030 (SO)
  • marker-partner
    Via Bondi, 401
    Livigno - 23041 (SO)
  • marker-partner
    Via Freita, 1574
    Livigno - 23100 (SO)
  • marker-partner
    Sport4you S.a.s. di Bormolini Luca L. & C.
    Via Pontiglia, 345
    Livigno - 23041 (SO)


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Rent Ski

Rent your equipment from us – from ski suits and ski poles to ski boots. We have stores across Italy, both as Decathlon stores or in our partner locations: from Milan to Turin, passing through Aosta, Abetone, Cimone, Sestriere and Cervinia – and not forgetting Andalo and Cortina! Whether you’re getting started or progressing your ski technique, it’s essential to have the right SKI gear that’s appropriate for your needs. With Decathlon rent, you can choose from models for kids, beginners, experts or freeriders. Tourism designs are softer and kinder, to let you enjoy all the slopes have to offer but without getting too tired. But if you love speed and want to ski until your legs shake, try the performance models with a wooden core and metal reinforcement. When there’s a good fresh snowfall, you can’t leave all that pristine powder for everyone else! Book and hire a freeride model – the best for light weight control to make your mark in the powder! But you'll need more equipment than just skis. Ski boots and ski poles will have an impact on your ski practice too. Rental prices start at €10 per day, but you can hire for a number of days or for a whole season at a really good price.