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    Torvergata, ROMA
    Via M. Pandolfi De Rinaldis 14/16
    Roma Tor Vergata - 00173 (RM)
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    Fiumicino, ROMA
    Via G. Montanari presso Market Da Vinci
    Fiumicino - 00054 (RM)
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    Ostia Lido
    Via delle Gondole,30
    Lido di Ostia - 00121 (RO)
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    Watersports Center Roma
    Lungomare Amerigo Vespucci, 180
    Lido di Ostia - 00122 (RM)


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Rent Surf boards

Try riding the waves on a surfboard rented from our Decathlon stores for one day or your entire holiday. We suggest a foam model: it’s large and easy to handle, making it ideal for getting to grips with the main surfing techniques. Foam surfboards are safer, as they are made of polystyrene, are lightweight and impact resistant, which limits the risk of injury to other surfers if you lose control of the board.